Liquid Helium Transfer Line

Efficient Helium Transfers

TUBUS is a liquid helium transfer line with a design that maximizes flexibility and efficiency, while minimizing the vibrations that are transmitted to the experiment. Helium is a valuable resource, and its liquefaction can be energy-intensive. With this in mind, we created TUBUS to reduce helium boil-off, and therefore to decrease the needed resources for cooling. Additionally, TUBUS makes recovering helium gas simple through a helium-recovery port installed on the transfer line.

Flexibility and Control

Furthermore, the user can easily attach the transfer line to the cryostat, thanks to the line’s flexible tubing. TUBUS also contains a pressure control unit to regulate the helium flow rate. This feature is especially helpful for experiments such as cryo-TEM, in which vibrations from personnel in the room can be detrimental to the resolution. The researcher can monitor the transfer remotely with the control unit, significantly reducing disturbances to the experiment. In order to maximize resolution in sensitive experiments, we recommend combining TUBUS with our CORVUS low-vibration stage.

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