for low-vibration cryogenic transfers
CORVUS vibration-damping stage for liquid helium transfers

Low-Vibration Stage

All vibrations—whether from external sources and transmitted through the floor, or generated from the boil of cryogenic liquids during transfers—can be detrimental to measurement resolution. The CORVUS stage contains both active and passive damping components to suppress vibrations and enable high-resolution measurements at cryogenic temperatures.

Key Features

  • Designed for a 100 L liquid helium dewar
  • Active vibration damping base decouples the system from the building, preventing laboratory noise from disturbing the measurement
  • Mounting the dewar is easy with the stowable ramp, which can be stored in the base
  • Height adjustable frame brings the transfer line where you need it
  • The transfer line arm holds the line securely in position throughout transfer
The CORVUS low-vibration helium transfer stage features: a stowable ramp, an actively-damped base, an adjustable frame, and an arm to support a helium transfer line

Vibration Damping Arm

Furthermore, we optimized the transfer line arm with additional damping components to suppress vibrations from helium boil-off.  When combined with our TUBUS transfer line, CORVUS minimizes disturbances to your experiments, improving resolution.

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