Research Centre Juelich

Exploring new magnetic phenomena


In December 2021, we successfully delivered a cryogenic engineering project in collaboration with the ER-C at the Research Centre Juelich in Germany. The project aimed to investigate magnetic materials by subjecting them to external magnetic fields, thereby inducing exotic magnetic behaviors within the samples. To achieve this, the experiments required maintaining the samples at extremely low temperatures. This was achieved by surrounding them with liquid helium-cooled magnets, which altered the magnetic environment of the samples.

Working in partnership with Ferrovac AG and JPE, our team undertook the design and construction of a novel instrument capable of docking onto a microscope. This instrument facilitated the introduction of magnets without the need to break the vacuum. With this feature, we enforce the integrity of the experimental conditions. Moreover, the instrument offered precise positioning capabilities in the X, Y, and Z directions, along with rotational control, all with nanometer accuracy.

To enable this setup, the Research Centre Juelich played a crucial role in designing and fabricating the magnetizing sample receiver and magnetizing coils. This collaborative effort culminated in the realization of a sophisticated cryogenic setup for studying magnetic materials, opening new possibilities for advanced research in this field.

Cryo Ultra-High Vacuum Transfer

The liquid helium cryostat manufactured by condenZero is a newly developed, patented piece of technology that is hosted by a transportable “suitcase” from Ferrovac AG, a renowned Swiss vacuum technology specialist. One of the key features of this setup is its ability to maintain a constant ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment, which is essential for many applications. Thanks to the retractable capabilities of the UHV suitcase, the cryo-cooled magnetic stage can be introduced into the transmission electron microscope without breaking the vacuum of the system. This process is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the sample under investigation.



Open view into the cryo-UHV suitcase