Research Centre Juelich

Exploring new magnetic phenomena


In December 2021 we completed a project for the ER-C at the Research Centre Juelich in Germany. In this project, magnetic materials are investigated by introducing external magnetic fields that trigger exotic magnetic behaviour in the sample. In these experiments, the cold sample is surrounded by liquid helium-cooled magnets that change the magnetic environment of the sample.

Together with our partners Ferrovac AG and JPE, we designed and built a new instrument that docks onto the microscope, introduces magnets without breaking the vacuum and positions these magnets around the sample in X, Y and Z direction (+rotation) with nanometer accuracy. The magnetizing sample receiver and magnetizing coils have been designed and fabricated by the Research Centre Juelich.


Cryogenic Ultra-High Vacuum Suitcase


A liquid helium cryostat by condenZero is hosted by a transportable “suitcase” from Ferrovac AG that ensures constant ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment conditions. With its retractable capabilities, the UHV suitcase introduces the cryo-cooled magnetic stage into the transmission electron microscope without breaking the vacuum of the system.



Open view into the cryo-UHV suitcase