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Enabling world-class science with cryo-TEM.


Cryo-TEM with liquid helium

GLADIUS is a liquid helium driven sample holder for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with in-situ capabilities for transport experiments.

Starting from room-temperature, sample base temperature is reached within a short time and is stabilised for over 24 hours.

Sample receiver

The removable sample receiver uses 6 electrical contacts for variable temperature control and six further contacts for transport experiments.

A standard 3mm TEM grid can be inserted into a chip and then clipped into the receiver.

Vibrational damping stage

CORVUS suppresses vibrations originating from the building floor, helium transfer and helium boiling.

Optionally, we offer a helium management unit to control helium supply and back flow to remotely operate the needle valve of the transfer line and protect your internal helium recovery system.