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Liquid helium cryo-TEM

A newly developed cryo-TEM sample holder for experiments at liquid helium temperatures with heating and electrical biasing capabilities. Standard 3mm grids can be fixed on a sample chip and then slipped into the sample holder. Mechanical stability is enabled by a damping stage counteracting vibrations from the ground and helium flow through a low-noise helium transfer line.


Base temperature 5 K
Cool-down time < 5 min
Holding time > 24 h
Electrical leads Six
Degrees of freedom Single tilt
Materials used UHV compatible



MRS Spring Meeting 2023

April 10 – April 14

San Francisco, CA, USA

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2023

July 23 – July 27

Minneapolis, MN, USA


Sep 10 – Sep 15

Busan, Korea