About Us

condenZero was founded 2019 as a spin-off company of the Laboratory for Quantum Matter Research of the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Our field of expertise includes the development and production of scientific instruments and components for research applications in ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic conditions.


Dr. Denys Sutter

CEO, Co-founder

Dominik Biscette

CTO, Co-founder

Damian Bucher

Physics Lab Technician

Robin Weber

Physics Lab Technician

Dr. Jaewon Choi

Cryogenic engineer

Prof. Johan Chang

Scientific partner

Former Team Members


Samuele Ancona, 2022-2023

Virginia Hernandez Leyva, 2020-2022

Nils Hofmann, 2021-2022

Robin Weber, 2020-2021

Physics Lab Technician, intern, apprentice from ETHZ

Physics Lab Technician, intern, apprentice from UZH

Physics Lab Technician, intern, apprentice from ETHZ

Physics Lab Technician, intern, apprentice from ETHZ



The Swiss Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL) facility is expected to generate breakthroughs in our understanding of ultrafast photochemistry, photobiology and condensed matter dynamics. In the effort to setup x-ray diffraction experiments for quantum matter systems in pulsed magnetic fields (image to the left), no commercial product could meet the extreme conditions; low temperatures and compact dimensions. Stimulated by these requirements, a novel cryostat design was developed by Dominik Biscette. In spring 2017, the first prototype was produced and shown to exceed the desired functionality (see the cool-down curve below). With the new design, a low base temperature is reached with a faster cooling rate and a reduction of physical dimensions, surpassing existing cryostats. A patent application of the design principle was filed in 2019. In the same year, condenZero was founded to implement this cryostat technology for cryo-TEM sample holders.


Swiss Innovation Challenge

December, 2021

It was an exciting experience to be part of the 2021 Swiss Innovation Challenge. We learned a lot from the mentoring sessions and we are honoured to be selected as the winner of the 2021 edition. This achievement would not have been possible without our support network. We are grateful to all those supporting condenZero in previous years.

Helium management

November, 2021

Our cryo-TEM holder relies on a manually operated helium flow circuit. This circuit is now electronically automated such that the cryo-TEM holder can be operated remotely. This is especially useful for TEM users as the absence of humans near the microscope reduces vibrations and is detrimental to high-resolution measurements. Our remote helium flow controller can, however, be helpful for any flow cryostat. 

InnoBooster, GRS

November, 2021

condenZero is proud and honoured to be supported by the Gebert Rüfstiftung via the InnoBooster program. We trust that this will enable us to consolidate and establish a groundbreaking new line of cryo-TEM products.

CERN BIC & Park Innovaare

November, 2021

We are looking forward to advancing our cryogenic technology for electron microscopy together with cryo-experts from the CERN and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). With Park Innovaare infrastructure, condenZero can strengthen its ties to the PSI and test new cryo-TEM products in a mutually beneficial fashion. 

Lowering helium consumption

July, 2021

While moving forward with the nationalisation of the patent application, condenZero is also making technical progress. Prototyping of cryo-TEM holders aims to meet customer specifications in terms of stability, base temperature and helium consumption. In our most recent prototype iteration, the helium consumption was cut down by 75%. With this fourfold reduction, our cryostats can be operated with sustainable helium flow.

100 fürs Baselbiet

June, 2021

Part of our (sub-contracting) manufacturing will be carried out by Basel-located workshops. The Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) and the Standortförderung Baselland offer favourable loans through the “100 fürs Baselbiet” program, for which condenZero could qualify.

Venture Kick won

 February, 2021

Today, Venture Kick announced condenZero is a final stage winner! We are greatly honoured by this decision. Certainly this is an important milestone. We are very much looking forward to the next Kickers Camp.


January, 2021

It is with great excitement and honour that we announce our participation in the ESA BIC CH program. We are very much looking forward to developing our connection to space related industries. In particular, we wish to accelerate the use of advanced additive manufacturing technologies for space applications.

Core Coaching

January, 2021

We are grateful to Innosuisse for their decision to help and support condenZero via the core coaching program. On this three-year program, we aim to grow and consolidate. In the first year period, we will be working on our first sales campaign, financial structures and advance our IP strategy.

Bridge Proof-of-Concept

December, 2019

Eleven young researchers were awarded the Proof-of-Concept grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) & Innosuisse. With the project to make a new cryogenics tool for transmission electron microscopy, condenZero is among the selected projects.

Patent Application

February, 2019

While working on a pulsed magnetic field setup for diffraction experiments at SwissFel, Dominik Biscette invented a new type of cryostat. This paved the way for the cryo-TEM development underpinning the activities of condenZero.

Entrepreneur Fellowship

December, 2018

End of 2018, Denys Sutter has been awarded a UZH BioTech-MedTech Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Werner Siemens Foundation to develop a new type of cryo-sample holder for transmission electron microscopy.