About Us

condenZero was founded 2019 as a spin-off company of the Laboratory for Quantum Matter Research of the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Our field of expertise includes the development and production of scientific instruments and components for research applications in ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic conditions.


Denys Sutter, Dr.

CEO, co-founder

Dominik Biscette

CTO, co-founder

Damian Bucher

Physics Lab Technician

Amelia Estry, Dr.

R&D Physicist

Johan Chang, Prof.

Advisor, co-founder

Celine M.

Admin. Assistant

Andri Wasescha

Technical Intern

Noah Stocker

Technical Intern


  • Robin Weber, Feb.. 2023 – Nov. 2023, Physics Laboratory Technician EFZ

Physics Laboratory Technician Interns

  • Samuele Ancona, Mar. 2022 – Feb. 2023
  • Nils Hoffmann, Apr. 2021 – Feb. 2022
  • Robin Weber, May. 2020 – Apr. 2021
  • Virginia Hernandez, Oct. 2020 – Apr. 2022
  • Ivan Lüscher, Jun. 2019 – Jan. 2020
condenZero AG is a company for external training assignments for ETH Physics Laboratory Technician (Physiklaborant EFZ) apprentices.